Hangzhou DediBot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou DediBot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is a professional enterprise that focuses on the development of 3D printing equipment, consumable materials and platform of 3D model construction. It also devotes to the research and development (R&D) of the precision machinery, intelligent control, 3D modeling, new materials, X-ray, Laser mapping, and applies these technology to the medical ,architecture and other industries to provide professional equipment and solutions. DediBot has an international leading technology R&D team constituted by a number of domestic and foreign doctors (professors), establishes a long-term working relationship with many institutions of higher education and scientific research, and possesses the research achievements of advanced 3D printing technology. Furthermore, it is the first company that proposed the concept of segmenting the equipment by their application scenarios, which are 4 series of addictive manufacturing equipment: desktop series, dedicated series, prototyping series, and production series.

Being the leader of the additive manufacturing field, DediBot provides the clients with professional additive manufactured products and service support through the complete process of Innovative System – Assistant Development- Trial Production – Small Volume Production – Production; Also, DediBot devotes to promote the transforming and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, and the rapid development of high-end manufacturing industry through comprehensively improving the manufacturing function parameters in materials, structures, performance, and quality control.

Core Competences
"Dignity and Value from Innovation", Taking practical innovation as the core developing philosophy.

Design Capability: DediBot cooperates with R&D Design PLC (the first of China Industrial Design) and Pera Global, to integrate the whole design concepts, in areas like the industrial design and industrial redesign, and put into practice and application.

Research Capability: DediBot has a number of core technologies in high-precision plastic printing, Open-ended Additive Manufacturing (OAM) 3D Printer,3D food printing, and industrial metal printing, which is in the industry-leading level; It is committed to breaking the bottleneck of additive manufacturing industry and boosting the development by further research in dedicated materials, new materials, and customized materials; In terms of software, DediBot has developed the advanced special software for medical use, and slicing software for 3D modeling and printing equipment, providing the medical and research institutes with quick and efficient support of software; As for service applications, it has conducted dedicated R&D programs on measuring and checking fixtures, prototyping verification, personalized custom and prototyping etc.

Manufacturing capacity: Combining with material manufacturing (like sheet metal injection), subtractive manufacturing (such as CNC and grinding), and new technology and re-manufacturing, DediBot uses additive manufacturing technology to enhance the manufacturing process, improve efficiency, and lower the manufacturing barriers on the basis of the existing manufacturing methods.

Incubation Capability: Making full use of DediBot’s internal and external resources, and special industry funds to create the combination of finance and innovations. Build the intelligent hardware talent pool for the relevant industries to provide design, proofing, production, sales and other aspects of support, and actively promote high-tech development and the successful transformation of science and technology.

Cloud Manufacturing Center: In order to improve the resource utilization rate of its own factory, to better serve the small and medium-sized enterprises’ production, and in response to the strategy of Made in China 2025, DediBot has developed the cloud manufacturing platform, packaging the equipment manufacturing function into a standard Internet services, which makes the manufacturing a readily accessible, needed as required, safe and reliable, and low-cost but premium process. Through deploying additive manufacturing equipment, laser cutting equipment, linear cutting equipment and CNC machining center, and integrating manufacturing service resources like equipment resources, material resources, and service resources, supplemented by the manufacturing technique like heat treatment, surface treatment, surface printing, forming technology, DediBot builds a one-stop supply chain system, greatly enriched the user's choice of manufacturing, improved the profession degree of designer and target customer groups in the industrial field, and reduced the production cost and the threshold.

DediBot forms a close relationship with Central Iron & Steel Research Institute (Central Research Institute), Pera Global (one of key enterprises of CAE industry), Jure Jewelry (top 500 of Asian brand), R&D Design PLC (the first of China Industrial Design), Santan Medical Technology, Tranquil Science, and other well-known enterprises, to re-define the design by practical application, disrupting the traditional design thinking which limited by the traditional handicraft. DediBot takes full advantage of every process, including the additive manufacturing, supplemented by experienced topology optimization and simulation, to design the demanded products from the source. Meanwhile, DediBot relies on its own whole process cloud manufacturing center, to integrate the 3D industry platform and to create 3D industry ecology.
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