Dedibot will show up at Frankfurt
Fri Nov 03 00:00:00 CST 2017 author: Company News 2736

The International Formnext 2017 will be staged at Messe Frankfurt in Germany from the 14th to the 17th of November. This winter, the third edition of the trade show for additive manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing solutions demonstrated an increase in both exhibition area and number of participants. According to an estimate, over 300 exhibiting companies and 13,000 professional visitors will come to Frankfurt to explore the upcoming fair’s possibilities.


China has become one of the countries with the largest number of exhibiting companies, and takes up 14.7% of international exhibitors, American exhibiting companies take up 10.2% of international exhibitors, French and British exhibiting companies take up 9.6% Spanish exhibiting companies take up 7.1%, Netherlandish, Australian and Russian exhibiting companies take 6.1% respectively.

As a rising star, Hangzhou DediBot Intelligent Technology Company with its great additive manufacturing technology and desktop printers will be demonstrated at the upcoming formnext 3D printing event in Frankfurt.


In this Formnext, Dedibot located in G81, 3.0 Hall with decent style.


Dedibot’s DF3 is a compact, small size, light weight, low noise and low vibration 3D printer with a pretty great appearance especially for children. Moreover, DF3 has its own software named Animal Kingdom which can give children a lot of fun and a way to learn 3D printing technology directly.


Formnext is the first step for Dedibot to the world stage, and Dedibot will achieve real prominence on it.