2018 China Additive Manufacturing Conference
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The 2018 China Additive Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition will be held at Hangzhou International Expo Center from July 26 to 28, 2018. The latest technologies and products from both China and international additive manufacturing industries, like core equipment and components, specialized materials, technology and applications, will be displayed in the conference. Taking additive manufacturing thinking as the core idea, DediBot will collaborate with Pera Global and ADRAYN to create an advanced design and intelligent manufacturing industrial chain, and exhibit products that facilitates each step of additive manufacturing industrial chain.


Location: 1B-004.


Holistic solution for Additive Manufacturing.


Pera Global - Advanced Design (Design / redesign).

Pera Global is the leader of the R&D of industrial enterprise informatization in China, the developer of the new type of industrial products, the founder of the enterprise simulation system and lean development system. It has been in the leading position in PLM, virtual simulation and advanced design industries in China. Pera Global dedicates to conduct research and development of industrial software, advanced design, precision manufacturing and intelligent industrial system.


Through creative design, Pera Global has completed the advanced design work of tens of products, achieved rapid improvement of structural innovation capabilities, and gained rich product design experience of green design and advanced design.


Pera Global has proposed the advance design and intelligent manufacturing solutions based on additive manufacturing. Pera Global is striving to become an eco-platform enterprise by focusing on creating an advanced design and intelligent manufacturing industrial chain with the additive manufacturing thinking, and employing a global vision and pattern to conduct resource integration, technology transformation, and ecosystem creation.


DediBot - Intelligent manufacturing (R&D of materials and equipment).


DediBot is dedicated on R&D of high-performance materials and 3D manufacturing equipment. It has a research and development team constituted by a number of Doctoral(Professors) at home and abroad. It is a national hi-tech enterprise which can independently commence R & D, manufacturing and sales of 3D printing equipment and holistic solutions. DediBot has many core technologies, such as high-precision plastic printing, industrial metal printing, and specialized material printing, as well as declared more than 20 invention patent, which makes it in the leading position of the industry. DediBot has achieved promising progress in the comprehensive cooperation with universities and research institutes, like Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Western University, China Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, Boston LuxMea, University of Cincinnati, on 3D printing materials.

Since its establishment in 2015, DediBot has been adhering to the core development concept of "dignity and value come from innovation", and has developed and launched more than tens of 3D printing equipment, which have attracted great attention. In the coming exhibition, DediBot will go out with a number of innovative and optimized classic models, and Open-ended 3D printing (OAM), which has become famous in TCT 2018, will also be shown again:

1. Open-ended Additive Manufacturing 3D Printer (OAM), whose core idea is that the printing system size is not limited by volume size of building object, the executing print head is not restricted by space location while maintaining extremely high print precision, so that large size building objects can be constructed directly through 3D printing.


2. Metal 3D printer – DS1-200, adopts bidirectional powder laying technology, 500W fibre laser, and the maximum forming size reaches φ 170 * 145 mm. Its dual platform-large and small size platform-provides high performance ratio.


3. Desktop Series 3D Printer – DF3, its colourful appearance is popular with children. Its lightweight, open-door structure design, abundant model library, and automatic levelling, can help to inspire infinite creativity. (Click “Read More” to View the panoramic 3D animation video)


Besides, dedicated medical printer – DM1, Prototyping industrial printer - DL1, desktop series printer - DF2, Shangpu Biological 3D printer – CPD1 and so on, will be shown in the expo.



ADRAYN – AM Applications (Integrated Solution/ Substitute Printing/Post-Production)

ADRAYN Additive Manufacturing Service Center has a 3000 square meters area, and dedicates to build industrial additive manufacturing craft chain. Currently, there are more than 90 equipment which mainly consists of independently developed specialised metal and non-metal additive manufacturing equipment. Meanwhile, the center has introduced excellent models from manufactures, like HP, EOS, Stratasys, SolidScape, Creaform, Ultimaker, Liantai, Huashu Hi-tech and so on.


In order to optimise the printing products, ADRAYN has established complete post-production workshop by combining AM and other technologies. In appearance section, it offers solutions, like shot blasting, vibration polishing, fluid polishing, paint spraying, powder spraying, sealing, electroplating, 3D+ surface printing and so on. In performance section, the company is committed to develop heat treatment, thermal static pressure and other technologies. In the precision section, it provides processing solutions, like CNC, high precision modelling, electric spark and other processing schemes.


With solutions facilitating the whole AM industrial chain, we can provide 3D printing one-stop solutions from design, optimization, manufacturing, post-production to final product delivery based on clients’ idea, helping clients to save their time and cost.


Focusing on practical industrial application, sharingcutting-edge industrial knowledge

In the exhibition, DediBot will deliver a series of lectures and activities focusing on AM thinking and whole industrial chain. Mr. Ying Hua-the General Manager of DediBot, Mr. Bao Gangqiang-China-German Technology General manager of Pera Global, Mr. Yan Hui-Sales Manager of Materialise in Greater China will share their professional ideas on creative design, topology optimization, and advanced AM.


Lecture Schedule




10:00-10:30am, July 26th 

Phil Hsu

Sales Director of DediBot

The advanced design and intelligent manufacturing industrial chain with the AM thinking

11:00-11:30am, July 26th 

Ying Hua

General Manager of DediBot

The advantage and application of AM dedicate equipment

14:00-15:00am, July 26th 

Yan Hui

Sales Manager of Materialise in Greater China

Using 3D printing to create Valuable Application

10:00-10:30am, July 27th 

Bao Gangqiang

China-German Technology General manager of Pera Global

The AM thinking driven holistic solution of advanced design and craft simulation

14:00-14:30am, July 27th 

Zhang Xiaojun

Senior technology expert of Pera Global

The creative design for AM

10:00-10:30am, July 28th 

Phil Hsu

Sales Director of DediBot

The advanced design and intelligent manufacturing industrial chain with the AM thinking



*draft schedule, please follow the actual schedule on site.


Funny Activities, Cool Gifts

Besides, DediBot will carry out a series of funny games where you can get some exciting and cool gifts during the exhibition.


July 26th -28th, 2018

DediBot Showground: 1B-004

Welcome Everyone!